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A dance class designed for the yoga mat!

A practice for everyone. Find your unique flow and movement expression.

On Dance on the Mat, we practice Mindfulness.

In this practice, you will connect with the present moment and tune in with yourself. This is a moment for you to become aware of your body and connect with our intuitive and unique form of movement expression.


About Me


Welcome, I am Barbara performer, dance, meditation & yoga teacher. I have studied with teachers from all over the world and I have come in contact with a variety of dance and yoga techniques.

With a Bachelor Degree in Dance and Choreography and a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, I combined my experience to create, Dance on the Mat.

Your body knows so much. Let the body show you all the movement possibilities that it can express.

Remember, this is your journey and every person is different. 

I am looking to help you unfold your maximal potential and above everything to feel good!

In Dance on the Mat, I look to guide you in a blend of  dance and yoga journey for you to find your own flow. 
 The class is designed to activate your mind-muscle connection, develop your curiosity,
and move you beyond your pre-existing limiting beliefs.

We will move through cristal water lakes, jars of honey, and purifying waterfalls.

Dance on the Mat includes different types of classes.

Choose the class that best suits your goals and curiosity. You can also try them all once!

Yoga Class

& Events

Yoga classes at work is an innovative solution for companies wanting to relieve workplace stress and promote employee well-being.

Child's Pose

Group Classes

 Connect with the Dance on the Mat community. Find this class in a studio close to you in Berlin.

Wellness Coach

Private Classes

A dance class designed for you!

Each practice is created for your personal goals, and what your body needs in a specific moment.  

Dance on the Mat 


Dance on the Mat Workout is a highly physical class designed to build strength in selected muscle groups. This class is a great complement to your regular dance practice.  During the training, you will find standard workout and fitness exercises combined with fluid and organic movement sequences.

Dance on the Mat Flow is a creative and energising class designed to strengthen your body, activate your mind-muscle connection, and develop your creativity. The Flow is the base class from all the other variants you can practice. During the practice, you will explore your body through improvisation and guided organic movement sequences.

Dance on the Mat 


Dance on the Mat 

Stretch and Release

Dance on the Mat Strech and Release is a relaxing class designed to restore the muscles, align your body and mind. This flow is perfect as an evening practice or after any high-intensity dance practice or workout. During this session, you will find a calm and meditative flow in combination with organic movement sequences.

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