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dancethroughberlin - about blank, dress code colour: white

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

To explain better the title I have to remind you again that I am taking part of the Watch Me Dance campaign as dance watcher. The title is basically a joke with myself, not a critic. I am just pointing out a fact that it opened my curiosity. So basically, I went to see 3 different pieces, on different nights, all from different choreographers at different venues and by coincidence, all of them had full white pieces as a costume.

In Chora by Moritz Majce and Sandra Man, not all of them were wearing white to be fair, but the majority yes, and some of the white costumes were placed around as part of the installation (yes, they don’t see it as a “regular” dance performance but more as a live installation.)

In "A.E. Anatomie.Evolution.Anfang.Ende. …“ by Wilhelm Groener the costumes were also white, in this case, the performative space was also white to give us a sense of pure and sterilized medical environment. The piece was more movement research based, therefore the white atmosphere just brought my focus more to the dancer´s anatomy and movements instead of bringing a feeling or an atmosphere, which makes sense to me.

I was also at the Theater Thikwa and watch "The fishing dance & other cosmic confessions" by Sindri Runudde, and again all in white costumes. I smiled upon the coincidence. In this case, I saw it simply as an aesthetic choice. The stage was a blue square and we sat around. It just gave it a more clean look. But any outfit could have fit the piece since it had a contagious lively vibe.

(I will talk deeply about each performance in the podcast. You can find the link below!)

The last was part of the No Limits disability & performing arts festival. The venue is all about integration, especially for people with disabilities, and honestly, it felt much more natural and human to seat shoulder to shoulder with someone disabled. For some reason, in daily life, we don’t get that much. It is like we are apart, from different universes, unless you come from a family, like mine, where someone has a special condition.

In all performances that I attended to with the Watch Me Dance campaign, the performative space was completely different. I really appreciate Berlin of that. It is like entering a new planet every time. The atmosphere is different and it triggers my sensations in a different way. I am a happy alien navigating thought performative galaxies. Too catchy? Not sorry!

I already understood that I am a girl for small venues, a close atmosphere kind of a vibe. It moves me. I think that it is important that you understand who you are as an artist and audience, understand what fits better your style. I mean, go everywhere see everything, get inspired, is a must-do! But, we should remember to stay always honest to ourselves so we can actually share something true and new to the world. You do you! And send Empowering messages through dance

I am writing this to my own personal growth, and I also take the opportunity to advocate self-love. Kiss your inner child! Like a heard and saw in the piece "The fishing dance & other cosmic confessions"!

Thank you so much for listening guys. Please be free to comment below, I would love to hear from you. I wish you a beautiful time and See you for the next episode! Xau!

*Intro by Dj Hear and Art by Ruby Bouwmeester inspired by @chirstiandirksfoto photo of @shewhodances.

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