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dancethroughberlin - Dancing hand to hand, the power of togetherness

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Hello everyone. November started together with the Watch Me Dance campaign 2019 and my new journey as dance watcher. I feel like a child before Christmas.

We introduced the campaign on November 1st, and after only 3 days I already feel that I have experienced so much. The most curious thing, to me, was how distinct from each other the 3 events were, but at the same time all so rich.

One thing I can say that connects them all is human energy.

We saw it with “Forcefields” from Emily Randorf at dock 11; we listen about it in the inspirational talk of the DDR Frauen, „Ohne Frauen ist kein Staat zu machen“ as part of the Das Ost- West-Ding festival at Sophiensaele hosted by Kareth Schaffer + Rike Flämig (the festival is still in motion, check it out) and we felt it with Dabke Community Dancing at Radialsystem by Medhat Aldaabal & Ali Hasan! Which I so much recommend! I will for sure do it again! (check their Facebook page for the upcoming dates)

This performance was definitely the one that sticks most to me. But, I have to admit at first I was unsure. I had a cold, so I wondered how much could I let myself do. Anyway, I kept my heart and mind open and Dabke was my cure. Me (and everyone!) didn’t stop smiling for 2 hours! We kept our hands together and we danced as one. My body was so present and connected with my mind as well as with the people. It was a mindful experience. For example, it was not hard to remember the steps, in fact, at some point, the body was just following the energy.

With „Ohne Frauen ist kein Staat zu machen“ we traveled in time with the stories of the women whose acts created such a great impact for the women (and everyone) in Berlin as well as in Germany. Their presence was so strong. It was a pleasure to even seat, for example, with Katrin Hattenhauer in a close circle and talk. Just like a maternal figure would do, inspiring you with stories told by the fireplace. Afterward, a questioned myself about the stories of the woman of my own country and how could this event work there.

The next episode - Love me, love me not? thinking dance critic - I will cover my experience sitting with the Berlin Tanzschreiber, and some interesting facts about dance critic and ways of watching and thinking about dance.

Thank you so much for the support guys. To listen to the podcast click in the link below. Also, feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you.

I wish you a beautiful time and See you for the next episode!

*Intro by Dj Hear and Art by Ruby Bouwmeester inspired by @chirstiandirksfoto photo of @shewhodances.

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