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dancethroughberlin - Love me, love me not? Thinking dance critic

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Last Monday 4th November, at Uferstudios, I went to Tanzschreiber, it was so great. I read sometimes their articles online, I recommend you to check it out!

The guest talker Virve Sutinen, at the moment Künstlerische Leiterin von Tanz im August, talked about how she started to write about dance and how harder it was back then. In her time, writing about dance, was more focus on the critic, and the critics themselves were only educated to look at more traditional styles. Therefore all attempts of creating something new was completely put aside.

I questioned: right now, until what point are we open for new formats? Do we follow trends? Do we try to break it? Well, someone once dropped the point shoes, let´s shout a big huhu for Isa!

This made me wonder until which point is critic a good thing. Meaning, how can you look at art and grade it, say that it is good or bad, worthy or not worthy. In that night I learned about 2 interesting concepts that I haven’t really thought about like that before that explains critic in another light then just the black and white good or bad approach.

(curious? Click below to listen to the podcast)

Has the audience, when searching for dance articles, what format do I want to read? As artist how I would like my work to be exposed? Should I read a critic before watching something? Can my perception of the piece be “contaminated”?

Write me! Do you guys read about dance critics? Do you find it helpful?

I honestly had to do a lot of this work in uni and by “studying” a piece or an author I became, many times, even before I saw the piece. The concept fascinated me and then I started to follow the work.

Dance-maker vs choreographer

So at some point, someone placed a very pertinent question. He asked, for those present who consider, or present, themselves as dance-maker or choreographer, what is the difference? Well, there were a lot of lost eyes. I loved it! After a minute of contemplation I came up with the following:

When I am a dance-maker I see myself as the craftswoman, the maker that creates tools, using the research process. When I am choreographer I use the existing tools to compose an art product using the creative/creation process. Therefore when I say that I Am a dance maker/choreographer it just means the merging of the two definitions.

Again I cannot suet this enough. I am not here to lecture anyone this is just my point of view. Be free to take it with you, if it makes sense for you as well. This is My answer or in my point of view, I want to hear yours!

Thank you so much for listening guys. Please be free to comment, I would love to hear from you. I wish you a beautiful time and See you for the next episode! Xau!

*Intro by Dj Hear and Art by Ruby Bouwmeester inspired by @chirstiandirksfoto photo of @shewhodances.

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